Egg donation is one of the most successful treatments for intended parents who are experiencing any type of infertility. And being that individual who can help someone have a baby is one of the most rewarding gifts a woman can give.

Becoming an egg donor is a big decision. We work with our donors to ensure they understand everything that is involved in donating their eggs and that they are cared for each step of the way. AsiaWest Egg Donors ensures that each woman we work with not only receives superior screening, including advanced genetic testing, but is also provided with exceptional care and continued support services throughout the screening and donation process. From the first moment we connect with donors, to after egg retrieval, we are available to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have.

Egg donation can be a very rewarding experience for the donor. Knowing that your gift will help someone be able to create their own family is an incredible feeling. Egg donors also benefit from learning about their own genetics and fertility while being compensated financially for their time and commitment.

Thank you for considering giving such an incredible gift. ONLINE APPLICATION

Why Become an Egg Donor with AsiaWest Egg Donors?

  • AsiaWest Egg Donors is focused primarily on Asian egg donations and we work closely with our egg donors to help others achieve their dream of having a family.
  • Our egg donors receive the best medical care from the country’s most advanced fertility centers in California, Oregon and Washington.
  • AsiaWest Egg Donors staff provides an exceptional level of care and support services to our egg donors throughout the screening and donation process.
  • We take the time to get to know all our egg donors and intended parents so that we can make successful matches.
  • Donors receive generous financial compensation for their time and commitment as well as for travel if it is required. View donor compensation information here.
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