Now that you’ve hopefully become a bit more familiar with the AsiaWest blog, we’d love to introduce you to some members of our team and further talk about why you […]

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Now that you’ve hopefully become a bit more familiar with the AsiaWest blog, we’d love to introduce you to some members of our team and further talk about why you should work with us.

Full bios and photos of our staff can be found on our about us page, but to break it down for you here, our main team consists of Michael, Delcie, Amber, and myself (Evan).  We all have our own specialties, but we work together to ensure that our clients are getting the best experience possible.  Egg donation can be complicated and tricky to navigate, but our job is to make sure this process is as smooth, clear, and stress-free for you as it can be!

Our Team…

Michael is our General Manager and works with all of us to make sure everything at AsiaWest is being run the best that it can be.  Michael has a background in tech, and thus has a knack for managing our online presence (including this blog!).

Delcie is the one who will be working with our potential egg donors.  She will walk potential donors through the eligibility, application, and screening process – pretty much everything up until the donor is matched with a family!  Delcie is great at answering any and all questions you might have about becoming an egg donor; she has been through this many times, and knows what you need to feel comfortable and safe with the egg donation process.

Amber works on the intended parent side, speaking with them about their needs and wants for a donor, and then finding the perfect donor to match them with!  Consequently, Amber also works with egg donors to make sure the match is suitable on both sides.  As people will attest, Amber is truly amazing at her job and really makes you feel taken care of from beginning to end.

Finally, there’s me, Evan!  I just started working at AsiaWest this past summer after graduating from Yale University in May (I received a Bachelor’s Degree in American Studies).  As a young person with some social media and tech intuition, I was brought onto AsiaWest as Marketing Coordinator to help improve AsiaWest’s marketing strategy.  These past couple months, I’ve been able to speak to our clients about their experiences and learn more about egg donation, an opportunity that has been interesting and fulfilling for me.  As an Asian woman of 22, I also fit the demographic of egg donors that AsiaWest works with and am thus able to connect with our donors in a special way.

That touches on one of the main reasons to choose AsiaWest as your egg donation agency.  We work specifically with Asian egg donors and often Asian intended parents, and thus have a particular understanding for what this demographic needs and wants throughout the egg donation process.  If you are an Asian intended parent or potential egg donor, you will not find an agency that is better prepared to take care of your needs than AsiaWest.  Our experienced and friendly team will make the experience of building a family what it should be – a positive, warm, and transparent process.

Need further convincing?  Check out testimonials from some of our egg donors!

See you soon,

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