So you made it onto our egg donor database – congrats! Now you’re just waiting to hopefully be matched with an intended family… and there’s nothing you can do about […]

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So you made it onto our egg donor database – congrats! Now you’re just waiting to hopefully be matched with an intended family… and there’s nothing you can do about it, right? Not entirely! While intended parents are usually looking for certain characteristics outside of your control (e.g. height, ethnicity, etc.), almost all IP’s that we talk to say that they ultimately chose their donor due to something that resonated with them about the donor’s profile.

There are things you can do while creating your donor profile to make your profile stand out to intended parents. Here are our tips for how to up your likelihood of getting noticed on the database and matched with an intended family:

Good photos
Photos are obviously a huge part of the donor profile. The intended parents want to see what YOU look like! Therefore we find it’s best to provide un-retouched or filtered photos.

Make sure that your photos are high quality; they don’t need to be professional, but take them on a good phone and make sure they’re not blurry or fuzzy. Good lighting is also key – natural lighting is best, but anything that shows off your face/body well works!

When in doubt, send us as many photos as you can and we will choose the best ones to put on your profile.

For more info see our photo requirements.

Long answers 
When it comes to the essay questions, think paragraphs as opposed to sentences! The more detailed an answer you give, the more the intended parents can gain a sense of who you are. Long answers also show that you’ve put time and thought into your profile, and that you are taking this process seriously. Intended parents want to choose people who are responsible and serious about this, and having a well thought-out profile goes far in showing that.

Be sure to also check your spelling and grammar, so your answers come off as well as possible!

As much info as possible
It is important to give as much information about yourself as possible. Think about it from the intended parents’ perspective; they are making one of the biggest decisions of their lives, so of course they want to make as informed a choice as possible. Family medical information is particularly important, as intended parents want to make sure your genetics will work with theirs as well as possible.

If you are unsure about your family medical history, reach out to your parents/family members whenever possible.

It goes without saying that all information that goes on the donor database must be factual. AsiaWest will fact-check most of your information, but it makes it much easier for everyone if you provide true answers. What you think intended parents are looking for is not always what they are looking for, so it’s better to be transparent rather than make up things about yourself.

Beyond just providing accurate information, be honest about your interests and personality traits. Often intended parents will connect with a certain trait or interest a donor has, (be it a favorite movie, an instrument played, a hobby, etc.), and pick their donor off of that. You never know what might speak to an intended parent so be true to yourself!

Let your voice shine through!
At the end of the day, the intended parents want to see who YOU are. Don’t be afraid to let your personality come through in your answers. Your voice is what makes you unique, and that is what will make you stand out on the donor database.

That’s it for this post! If you have any more questions about creating your donor profile, feel free to email our Donor Coordinator Delcie:

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