Today’s blog is written by Delcie Adams, one of our Donor Coordinators. Egg donation is a generous and life-changing gift that can provide hope and opportunity to individuals and couples […]

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Today’s blog is written by Delcie Adams, one of our Donor Coordinators.

Egg donation is a generous and life-changing gift that can provide hope and opportunity to individuals and couples struggling with infertility or couples within the LGBTQ community. Many women consider becoming egg donors to help others for their personal reward, as well as the benefits of compensation.  Whether you’re a student, hoping to travel, or buy your first home, the compensation can be substantial.

However, the process of becoming an egg donor involves specific requirements to ensure the safety and well-being of both the donor and the intended parents. In this blog, we’ll explore the general requirements that AsiaWest looks for in a donor.


One of the primary requirements for becoming an egg donor is age. Most egg donation programs require donors to be between the ages of 20 and 30. This age range is considered optimal for fertility and ensures that the donated eggs have the best chance of leading to a successful pregnancy.

Physical Health

Egg donors must undergo a comprehensive medical evaluation to determine their overall health and fertility. This evaluation typically includes physical exams, blood tests, genetic screenings, a psychological evaluation, and a review of the donor’s full medical history. Donors should be in good physical health, free from any significant medical conditions, and have a healthy body mass index between 18-28.  They must also have a good knowledge of the their family medical history (including grandparents).

Mental and Emotional Health

In addition to physical health, egg donors are also required to undergo psychological evaluations to assess their mental and emotional well-being. This process helps ensure that donors are prepared for the emotional aspects of egg donation and the potential impact, it may have on their lives. It’s essential for donors to have a strong support system in place and to be mentally prepared for the process.  Donors cannot take any medications for depression or anxiety at least three months prior to a donation cycle.


To be an egg donor with us, you must be a US Citizen, or legal resident who is planning to be in the US at least 12 months.  Donors pay taxes on the compensation and must complete a W9 tax form which requires either a social security number or EIN number.

Lifestyle and Habits

Egg donors are expected to lead a healthy lifestyle, which includes abstaining from smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, and recreational drug use. Donors should also have a stable living situation and be able to commit to the time and effort required for the egg donation process.

Willingness and Flexibility to travel for egg donation

Most of our donors will travel for their donation (within the US) and our donors need to have flexibility within their schedule to do so.  All travel expenses are covered by their intended family, and the donor travels twice in the process. The travel for the egg retrieval is an average of 8-10 days.

Commitment to the Process

Becoming an egg donor is a significant commitment that involves multiple medical appointments, hormonal injections, and the egg retrieval procedure itself. Donors must be willing and able to commit to the process, which can take several months from start to finish, and be willing to self-administer hormonal injections.

Legal and Ethical Considerations

Egg donation is a highly regulated process, and donors must adhere to legal and ethical guidelines. Donors are typically required to sign legal agreements outlining their rights and responsibilities, as well as the rights of the intended parents. It’s important to note that specific requirements for egg donation may vary by clinic. Prospective egg donors should thoroughly research and understand the requirements of the programs they are considering and consult with medical professionals to address any questions or concerns.  Honesty and transparency are key to a successful donation process, and any future cycles the donor would like to do.

While the requirements for egg donation may seem stringent, they are in place to ensure the safety and well-being of all parties, the donor and intended family. Egg donation offers the opportunity for individuals and couples to fulfill their dreams of starting a family, and the generosity of donors makes this possible. 

If you’re considering egg donation, it’s essential to thoroughly educate yourself about the process, requirements. Making an informed decision and understanding what is involved in egg donation is crucial for anyone considering egg donation.  At AsiaWest we take the time to discuss the process with our donor applicants over the phone, throughout the interview process, and along the way your team will help guide you.

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