Happy holidays from AsiaWest! We hope you had a nice Thanksgiving full of good food and time spent with loved ones. We are now fully in the holiday season and […]

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Happy holidays from AsiaWest! We hope you had a nice Thanksgiving full of good food and time spent with loved ones. We are now fully in the holiday season and so this week’s blog post is a gift guide for the egg donors, expecting parents, and new parents in your lives! Now is a great time to show your appreciation for these people and give them a little something for the holidays.

Gifts for Egg Donors

The egg donation process, while relatively straightforward and easy, does involve a medical procedure. Consequently, great gifts for donors are things that can help make them more comfortable! Items like heating pads, warm blankets, and even a massage gun will go a long way in making an egg donor feel cared for and cozy.

You also can’t go wrong with a new water bottle as it is essential for egg donors to stay hydrated. Finally, it is important for egg donors to eat plenty of fiber, so why not give a healthy snack box to the egg donor in your life? Either put one together yourself or look at companies like Bunny James, Smart Box, and Nature Box that will do it for you.

Gifts for Expecting Parents

Expecting a baby can be both exciting and nerve wracking! You can show your support for the expecting parents in your lives with thoughtful gifts tailored just for them. Practical items like stroller organizers and diaper bag organizers are sure to be appreciated; especially during those first few months of parenting, feeling even a little organized can be a huge weight off. Loungewear makes a great gift for anyone, but particularly to expecting parents who just want to be comfortable.

For something more sentimental, digital photo frames are great for displaying those future family photos. The best part is, you don’t have to choose just one photo – you can show off multiple! 

Lastly, you can’t go wrong with food. Why not give a nice dinner date at the expecting parents’ favorite restaurant? You could also go with a Postmates/UberEats gift card for when the baby comes and they just don’t feel like cooking!

Gifts for New Parents

Time-saving gifts are perfect for new parents who have their hands full with their new baby. A Roomba (or other automatic floor vacuum) is a huge time-saver, leaving the floors sparkling clean and parents those precious extra minutes to spend with each other and their new family.

In terms of gifts for babies, onesies are always a good option. Despite the fact that new parents probably already have dozens, onesies always seem to be getting dirty and needing to be replaced. Onesies are an excellent option for personalization, inside jokes, and general creativity! Toys are also reliable choices for babies. To make it more personal, think about your favorite childhood toy – a stuffed animal, block set, mini kitchen – and pass one of those on to the new baby. 

Finally, simple acts of service from loved ones will always be appreciated by new parents. Offering to do dishes, laundry, yard work, grocery shopping, etc. goes a long way.

We hope you enjoyed this gift guide and found it helpful! For more gift ideas, check out our blog post on books about egg donation, which also make great gifts for new and expecting parents!

As always, if you are ready to start your egg donation or family-building journey, please email us at info@asiawesteggdonors.com to set up an appointment!

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