Here we are at the end of another year! 2021 was full of surprises, successes, and new developments. AsiaWest grew in so many ways this past year, and we are […]

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Here we are at the end of another year! 2021 was full of surprises, successes, and new developments. AsiaWest grew in so many ways this past year, and we are incredibly proud of our progress as a company. Every year we get a little bit bigger and a little bit better, to best serve YOU – our valued community of intended parents and egg donors. Here are just some of our highlights from this past year:

New Donor Database

Yes, in case you didn’t hear our announcement over social media, AsiaWest got a new online donor database this year! We had been adding so many new donors to our database that the old platform just wasn’t cutting it in terms of speed, efficiency, and ease. We moved all our donors onto our new, faster, sleeker, database (Egg Donor Connect). Now, it is far easier for intended parents to search through our donors to find their perfect match. You can even filter for traits such as ethnicity, height, education level, and more!

For more information on our donor database and/or to gain access to the database, set up an appointment with us today.

Frozen Egg Bank

Alongside our new donor database, AsiaWest has also now expanded our egg donation services to include a frozen egg bank! Intended parents now have the option to do a frozen cycle as well as (or instead of) a fresh cycle. There are many benefits to a frozen egg cycle – it simply depends on the intended parents’ priorities. Let us know if you need help choosing between a fresh vs. frozen cycle (and look out for a new blog post on this matter soon!)

If you are interested in learning more about the frozen egg bank, feel free to email us at

Social Media (TikTok)

This year AsiaWest expanded its social media presence, not only becoming more active on Instagram, but also creating a TikTok account! Our page is full of both fun and informative videos. Our goal is to bring more awareness to egg donation and encourage potential donors to apply by providing information in a fun and accessible way. The world of egg donation can seem intimidating and young people often don’t know a lot about it. By using TikTok, we

Check out and follow our TikTok account here!

Non-Asian Donors

This past year we not only received a ton of Asian donor applications, but also many applications from non-Asian women. Normally, we would have to turn all these applicants away. However, due to the high volume of non-Asian candidates and the increased demand amongst our clients for these donors, we have decided to branch out and form a new company for donors of both Asian and non-Asian ethnicities!

We are currently accepting applications from non-Asian women and working on getting this new company up and running. So stay tuned for this new and expanded donor database in 2022!

Life may still not be “normal” – we continue to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic and the recent Omicron variant. But at AsiaWest we continue on with our mission to help hopeful intended parents build their family through egg donation. We are committed to making sure the egg donation experience is a positive one for both our clients and our egg donors.

Here’s to a great 2022!
– AsiaWest Egg Donors

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