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Donor Story: a Korean donor tells her story

January 15, 2021 // Evan Billups // No Comments //
Happy Friday! For this week’s blog we have the first Donor Story of 2021. Donor 014748 is of Korean ancestry. She went to the University of Washington for undergrad and […]

Egg Donation: the Intended Parents Side

January 8, 2021 // Evan Billups // No Comments //
Happy New Year! It feels good to have left 2020 behind. While many things in the world remain unresolved, 2021 still feels hopeful. The new year is often a time […]

Books About Egg Donation

December 18, 2020 // Evan Billups // No Comments //
We know that Intended Parents often struggle with the idea of explaining egg donation to their children as they grow up. Egg donation, surrogacy and other family structures are finally […]

Donor Story: Donor TY Part 2

December 11, 2020 // Evan Billups // No Comments //
Here we have Part 2 of Donor TY’s story. Having now donated twice, TY looks back on both experiences and the differences between them. To read Part 1 of TY’s […]

Donor Story: Donor TY Part 1

November 28, 2020 // Evan Billups // No Comments //
This week’s blog is another Donor Story, but this time it’s a two part story. Donor “TY” has donated twice now and had different experiences both times. Part 1 this […]

Levels of Contact Between Donors and Intended Parents

November 18, 2020 // Evan Billups // No Comments //
As we are approaching the Thanksgiving holiday, many of us may be thinking more about family and what family means. Especially this year with the holidays looking so different due […]

Question: If I become an egg donor, will I be able to have my own kids in the future?

November 7, 2020 // Evan Billups // No Comments //
One of the most common misconceptions about egg donation is that it will affect your own ability to have children in the future. Indeed, in speaking with our egg donors, […]

Donor Story: Three Donors Tell Their Stories

October 21, 2020 // Evan Billups // No Comments //
Our next installment in our Donor Story series follows not just one, but three of AsiaWest egg donors. These donors talk about their experiences donating, their motivations, and their specific […]

Intended Parents: AsiaWest + Surrogacy

October 16, 2020 // Evan Billups // No Comments //
Something that often goes hand-in-hand with egg donation is surrogacy. While AsiaWest is a company that deals with egg donation, we understand the important role that surrogacy frequently plays in […]

Donor Story: Donor IS

October 2, 2020 // Evan Billups // No Comments //
Thinking about becoming an egg donor can be intimidating. There may be questions or worries you have about what it is really like. Wouldn’t it be nice to hear from […]
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